The people behind Tai2tai

Co-founders of Tai2Tai, we have been in Shanghai for 2 and 3 years respectively. Motivated by an observation: too many people around us did not have the right opportunity to make the most of their talents and skills, we have decided to start Tai2Tai. To explain this situation, we have identified two main reasons directly connected to expat status. First, following a spouse is a great aventure but it may also be a great challenge to take your career to the next step: «Am I going to find a exciting job here? » «Will I stand not having my own money? » or « Isn’t it the right timing to switch career path?». The second reason may be that finding the right balance between parenthood and professional life can be a struggle, especially that we are away from family and friends. Tai2Tai wishes to offer various consulting expertise, a supporting community and a genuine place to learn and grow.

Our team