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You are living in China? You are ready to take up your career’s next step? You want to join a dynamic community? Tai2Tai is the right place for you to work. Don’t wait! In just few minutes, you will know whether or not your profile is eligible to a Working Permit in China

5 why reasons why you should join Tai2Tai

You find a legal and hassle-free option to put your skills to work in exciting ways when joining us Unless you prefer to go for the tedious option of starting your own WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Entreprise).

You are the one who decides which project to take on and when. Tai2Tai allows you to find the perfect balance with your other demanding jobs, being a partner, a parent, a friend, an athlete, an explorer, etc.

You are unique consultant but you join a community Working indepently can be a struggle, especially in China. With Tai2Tai you join a team where you can learn, grow and get all kinds support you may need.

We take care of the boring but compulsory paperwork so that your working time is only dedicated to your projects. You don’t have to worry about when to renew your visa, how to invoice your clients or follow-up on a late payment

You can write a new exciting chapter of your career by exploring a world of opportunities, achieving your potential and above all, leading successful projects.

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