Why you should work with us


Finding a legal solution to hire consultant can be challenging in China. We try our best to develop a specific, transparent and legal solution.


At Tai2Tai, we make sure that every step of the process is compliant with Chinese laws and regulations. No grey area, no approximation.

Peace of mind

We take care of all the «boring» part (visa, taxes, contracts,...) so that, Clients can focus on growing their business in China and our Talents, on their projects.


We know to well how China, sometimes, may seem overwhelming and unlike when working independently or as a freelancer, with Tai2Tai, you are part of something


Our offers match the reality of the market to offer full customizability depending on talents’ availability and clients’ peak activity. With Tai2Tai, You decide.


By providing support and a community, we empower individuals to become the sole master of their career in the Empire of the middle. Become one of our consultants!

Our Clients